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Red Matters 

  book project

  I have always been fascinated by people with Red hair, thinking they were gifted with Golden locks.

Ever since I was small, the vivid colour the golden lights, paired with porcelain skin , incredible freckles and always fascinating coloured eyes have held me captive.


As I grew older and more aware also

discovered sadly, having red hair is not a blessing but in some cases it can feel like a curse.


Now as a photographer and artist,

I want to help break some the terrible stigmas attached to being a red head and lighten the lives of Red heads if only just a little.


 By putting together a book,with a variety artistic, fun and ispirational photographs of Redheads.


Showing beauty and bravery, opening people's eyes to make them see that a hair colour or any other superficial external features

does not a person make. 

The bullying needs to stop, it really is time to move on .



Let's make a change together and stop the bullies.


Join us. 


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