Bianca Duimel

Portrait artist

 Editing services available :


A service for professional photographers.


We offer different levels of editing to you.

Quotes upon request, no job too big or too small, just ask.


 1)  Bulk Lightroom process and edit with colour density and level correction.

 2)  Image optimisation,sharpening and resizing

 3)  Cleaning images of objects big and small 

 4)  Portrait/Glamour editing ,skin softening,spot and line removal 

 5)  Portrait/Glamour edit, including liquify etc.

 6)  Hair !! Add,remove,tidy, make bigger, make smaller, change colour,

     fringe straightening,etc. 

 7)  Portrait edit in personal style ie: retro , black and white etc.

 8)  Headswaps

 9)  Eyeswaps

 10) Individual artworks 

 11) Composite artwork