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Bianca Duimel

Portrait artist






 What do I wear ?

 You can relax and put your trust in me when you experience

 your Luxury Portrait session  at our comfortable studio.


How do you want to look in your portraits here is a simple  idea guide: 


 If your look is Glamorous.  I want Glamour, Bring on the floor-length gown and the diamonds.


 You love Classic. More on the dressy side, but not black-tie formal.


 You prefer Fantasy, whimsical costumes and props are needed here , we can discuss ideas  for something truly different.


 You want to look Professional. I'd like to be able to use my images for work, bring suits, shirts, smart casual outfits.


 You prefer Casual. I want to look like "me." Friendly and Approachable, bring along what makes you feel good about

  yourself.  Jeans, Tshirts, summer dresses etc.


 I want to look Sexy. I'm thinking about wearing a daring dress or maybe even lingerie, bring your favourite lingerie or buy some new Lingerie for the  photo session.

I suggest colour wise we work with a natural palettte, pastels are always nice ,a nice black outfit or dress can be stunning,

or a signature coluor can be amazing to work with.


I highly recommend you wear clothes that you feel great in ,

if you don't have anything buy something that makes you feel good, you will reflect this externally

and you will look great in your shots. Think about why you are having the shots taken ,

how do you want to be remembered,  paint your nails in your favourite colour, remove any unwanted hair . 


What happens during the shoot ?


Time to relax and have fun, this session is all about you .

 Put yourself in the hands of a  professional Make up artist and hairstylist

and watch yourself be transformed.

Come in with a cleansed and lightly moisturised face, remove unwanted hair, maybe visit the hairdresser for a new do,

but wait a week or so  before you come in, so your hair has had a chance to settle.

Your  make up and hair will take about and hour or so to do.Once we have decided on the styles we are shooting , the portrsit sessions begin . You are fully guidedthe whole time , so no need to pose yourself.

Bianca has over 25 years experience as a photographer ,posing people and making them feel as ease.

We will aim to do 3 different looks on the day .

All the images are then  professionally edited,this is where the magic happens,

and in a week will be ready for you to see the reveal of your images at your ordering session.



What if I have children involved in the shoot ?


If you are bringing a little one, we have lots of Mum's who love to look glamorous in Family Portraits. 

 It is a good idea to bring a drink and some small snacks for little ones, who seem to burn  a lot

of energy very quickly and we can use small treats as rewards ( just this once ) and their favourite toy or cuddly

 can calm them down if they are feeling overwhelmed during the session. Even a pacifier for tiny babies , 

(it can be a lifesaver just for the session, you can throw it out afterwards)


If you are coming in with a newborn, I recommend to bring along items that are special to you ,

hand knitted blankets and outfits are great to work, with as are tiny teddybears.



Once you are sorted, it will be easy to dress children in something that compliments your outfit ,

without being all matchy matchy , but try to get a style going on. Lay the clothes out on the floor and

see how it all works together, you'll see straight away if it is looking good. If you get really stuck, call us !!



Pregnancy is such a special  time in your life and I love to capture this elegantly and timelessly for you .

I suggest wear a skin colour strapless bra and skin colour undies, so that we can use different fabrics and dresses and no straps will show, no matter what we dress you in.

Bring along any clingy dresses that fit  or fabrics you love and we will work with a combination of what you have and what we have at the studio. Fresh flowers look great and we are open to any creative ideas you may have.


What happens with my children at the time of the shoot ?


Newborns are in a league of their own, the best way to photograph them ( upto 6 weeks)  is asleep, so a good feed in

advance is recommended and will make your baby sleepy at the session. I have plenty of cloth nappies handy for

any accidents,which are a normal occurance at baby sessions. Although I involve parents in the shoot, when I am posing

your baby  you can stay back and have a rest even a little sleep while I photograph your baby.


Children are unpredictable , so it is my job to be ready for anything !!

Some parents get frustrated because their kids aren't doing exactly as they're asked. The beauty of that is that those

unpredicable moments are often the best shots . People often ask me if there was even 1 good shot in there.

Well, the thing is, .... I am concentrating on the shooting not what they are getting up to and I have never

 had a shoot that was a complete disaster yet. So your job is to just relax and enjoy the session.


Children match your energy, so if you can show you are having fun, they will certainly join in ,

making for relaxed and fun images of you all.


Also, I will photograph your children away from parents for a bit so that they will focus only on me

and  my silly jokes, this usually works, as they often will behave for a stranger,

and this can make all the difference sometimes.

Other than that , remember this session is showing you and your family with all the little quirks and things

that make you unique so relax and enjoy !




What happens after the shoot ?


This of course  is the really exciting part !

Approximately a week later, after carefully editing your images, they are ready to be viewed by you and your family.


We will show you a selection of the best images from the shoot, no set amount as it depends on what we captured on the day .


We have a  great selection of beautiful products to select from, all images are professionally edited and hand printed ,

Images start  at $195 for individual images ,collages from  $695  and packages  from $995 .

We can frame your work and also provide beautiful box set collections .


The ordering session is where you have approximately  1 hour to decide choose and purchase your images and

we are there to guide you. It is a good idea to bring a decision maker with you. 

If you need an extra appointment we charge $195.

We are there to help you choose and  with many years of experience in the  portrait business,

 we are experts at guiding you in the right direction of your investment in the history of you and your family.


We can upload the images on the website in a  numbered gallery, if you cannot decide, the fee is $195,

which is then decucted from your purchase,the images are then resized ,watermarked and uploaded

and hosted for a week or longer by arrangement, so others  can see and help choose.












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