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Creative workshops

 Workshop Student testimonials


 @Queenstown 2 day Creative workshop


I thoroughly enjoyed the Queenstown Creative Portraiture Course with Bianca.

 This course pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to think outside the square being creative both during the photoshoot and in post production.  It as a fun weekend with great comradery and a chance to relax, capture amazing imagery and learn in a supportive environment.  


Sharon Wright Whitianga




 @Queenstown  2 day Creative workshop


I could only attend part of the course. Nevertheless despite missing out on the shoot it was really worthwhile, with the shoots it would have been amazing. The combination of a passionate and creative instructor, properly prepared models and great locations, is actually a unique combination. However, the real power of the course was the inspiration that you draw from this plus spending a dedicated weekend with your fellow participants who are themselves knowledgeable and talented. If you want to take your photography to the next level I guarantee that one of Bianca's course will achieve this. Whilst there is a monetary investment required

I think it is just that an investment in your chosen craft.



Roger Wandless NZIPP Invercargil New Zealand




 @   Auckland, one on one Posing session  



I found that doing a one on one session with Bianca was very beneficial to my development as a portrait photographer. I have been photographing weddings for ten years but tend towards a documentary style and I had been concentrating on the portrait side of the business for closer to two years when I worked with Bianca. I think part of what made it so successful is that I had very specific things I wanted to learn from her, I wanted to learn how to better flatter the wide variety of clients that I was meeting through my studio, and so I had very clear goals.

Bianca was great at not making me feel like a complete noob, she helped me tweak and add on to what I already knew so that I found it quite easy to apply what she’d taught me, once I was on my own.

Sometimes it’s just seemingly small things that add up to make a big difference and I certainly found that to be true in this case. I would highly recommend Bianca as a teacher and I would also recommend that you maximise the opportunity of working with her by being very clear in your own mind what your goals are.


Nicola Inglis NZIPP  Hamilton




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