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Terms and conditions



The mentoring or workshop deposit of $200 ( non refundable) is necessary to secure your booking and full payment before the booking date . 

Bookings and payments can be done on our website's booking and shop pages.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Farmers  card & debit cards.

Payments must be made 2 weeks  before the workshop or it will be cancelled.




There is a lot of preparation before each workshop. Staff, props, models and studio time, scouting and driving

to a location booking accomodation and equipment, are all alloted and organised just for your mentoring session

or workshop.

We need at  least 2 weeks notice for rescheduling your workshop.




If you do not want to reschedule, you will be charged  $250 cancellation fee. 




A deposit is due on the day you book your mentoring session or workshop

please be ready to pay at the time of your booking , credit cards and bank transfers are accepted.





 It is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce photographs  Bianca Duimel owns the copyright to all  images without permission. 


In doing so you are devaluing  my work as an artist. 

I also agree that any photographs taken, may be used for the studio’s advertising and promotion purposes,

whether by electronic media or printed.



Certain images shot by the workshop instructor  may be transferred to each student for the editing portion of the

workshop. As these images are the work of tBianca Duimel, they are for the participant’s private editing use only.

Please do not upload these images to the internet without permission, and please only make public your own


Additionally, participants may only publish final images they he/she set up during the workshop.

Other images that may be published include behind the scenes photography.


The publication of a completed image resulting from another participant's setup, or the

instructor, is strictly prohibited.


Images taken at the workshop may be used for the participant’s photography portfolio, sold

 or given away either personally, through a gallery, or licensed physically or online.

The workshop participant may enter their final images in competitions.

If an image shot during the workshop is released publicly in any way, the image must

contain a description stating that it was shot at a Bianca Duimel Creative workshop.


On Location


Any damages made by a participant to the equipment or location (internal or external) will

be the responsibility of the participant.

Any damage costs incurred will equate to the full purchase price of the item.


Workshop Participant Safety


Any injury incurred by a workshop participant during the workshop is the financial responsibility of the injured workshop participant, and Bianca Duimel or anyone associated with the workshop is not to be held liable.

I ask you to always respect those around you during the work shop and not to put the model, yourself or other participants in danger


Model Release

Bianca Duimel will provide a model release on behalf of all workshop participants that the

model(s) will sign. This release allows the photographer full personal use of the images shot

during the workshop with the model's consent.


If for any reason the photographer cannot perform this agreement due to fire, casualty, strike, act of god ,

or any other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to the photographers illness,

the photographer shall  refund or re schedule the Portrait session.

The client shall not have any further liablity with respect to the agreement.


Bianca Duimel, shall take no responsibility or liability for personal or property damage during the duration of the

Workshop, or be liable for non- refundable Airline tickets.


 Bianca Duimel reserves the right to cancel Workshops one month prior to it's commencement if numbers are

 insufficient or due to unforeseen circumstances.


The information given at Bianca's Workshop is for private use only.

Making public the information by any means, including but not limited to re-using the information

in an educational setting, sharing techniques learned during the workshop online, or in any

way duplicating the information given at the workshop is in direct violation of copyright

infringement and will result in legal ramifications. 


By signing up for this workshop you agree to these terms and conditions. Please fill out all

of the information below for your own safety during the workshop. By signing this terms & conditions/release

form along with the full workshop payment you will be officially confirmed for the workshop.




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