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Creative workshops

Queenstown  New Zealand with Bianca Duimel FNZIPP

Creative and Conceptual Portrait Workshop.

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Do you want to shoot more creatively, are you  stuck for ideas, do you need to learn different lighting skills,  get more out of your camera and lenses?

Do you want your model to look amazing with better posing and connection , do you want learn how to make all your ideas come together,

make sense  and tell a story ?

Iris print judging is looming in the near future and no idea where to start, not enough ideas ?  

Do you need new photoshop skills to take your work onto another space and dimension ?

An exciting 2 day workshop is happening that could be the answer !

A Creative and conceptual Portrait Workshop to take you throught the creative process, to help you develop your own

image and style.

Spend an entire weekend immersed in a creative environment with a group of like minded people with creative backgrounds.


 Come along and learn new skills and mix with other creatives and have fun ! 


Our weekend starts on Saturday morning 9.00 in Queenstown at our weekend destination , a luxury style home

with all the trimmings . We have a brief introduction, and morning tea. 

Learn to shoot creatively from start to finish,do you get stuck for ideas , learn brainstorming techniques

for coming up with original ideas.


Bianca will be covering the creative process of how she plans a shoot and what her goals are.

We will cover model search, make up and hair, styling and location choice and problem solving .

Learn how  to be in control of the styling and end result of how your model will look and feel during the shoot.




There will be  2 models , so that everybody can work with a model  at the time of the shoot .

We fly to our destination with a helicopter , we will choose an amazing location or 2 .


Once there, Bianca will shoot according to her plan and then it is everybody elses turn to create images of

your own .

We will cover lighting, posing, connection with your model.

We will cover planning  and shooting for a composite, using different methods.

We will use in camera techniques as well as  composite shooting skills .

Learn to use textures and layers efficiently and artistically.


Everybody will get help to create their own image.

After our shoot we fly back and  have a break to calm down  from our exciting adventure ,

download your shots onto your computer, and select a gallery for you to work with the next day .


We then have dinner and drinks  provided by Bianca, and a few little surprises planned.


There is a Spa for those that love to unwind in warm water with bubbles.

The rooms are beautfully set out and the view is gorgeous !


Day 2, Sunday at 9.00 am (ish) is where part 2 of the magic happens, I will help you select images to work with ,

show you how I plan an image from scratch and, how I finish the image to a  certain level.


This is a time to ask questions and practice with the help of myself and others around you .

A fantastic opportunity to make new aquaintances  who perhaps think like you do, and that can help you brainstorm for the next image you want to



The day will finish at around 3.00 pm, in time for people to catch planes etc, even though you will probably not want to leave. 

Book early as spaces go very quickly !








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